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Just as Meat can be ground into fine bits, stuffed into intestinal casings, and twisted into laughable (yet somehow strangely delectable) “links,” the names of musicians and bands can also be served up sausage-style to produce a similarly pleasing result. With half the cholesterol and twice the fun, FISTFULAYEN brings you the party game of the new millennium: you will be so bloated and joyous, you will defecate in your lederhosen! Grab a frothy mug of beer and some sauerkraut, untie the kids, and let’s play MUSICAL SAUSAGE!

Pussy Galoria Estefan

Sleater-Kinney Loggins

Ozomatli Crue

Method Man. . .or Astroman?

Right Said Fred Schneider

Peter, Paul and Marilyn ManSun Ra and His Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Nine Inch Neil Young Cannibals

Cheap Tricky

Beach Boyz II Men In Black


Bauhaus Of Pain


The Minutemenudo

Shudder To Thinking Fellers Union Local 282

Wu Tang Clannad

Public EneMeat Puppets

GWAREO Speedwagon

The Grateful Dead Kennedys

Freddie Jackson Five Style

Madonna Summer

Lee Scratch Perry Como

Ella FitzGeraldine Fibbers

Veruca Salt-n-Pepa

Yanni Lennox

Eurythra Franklin

Sha Na Nas

Steely Danzig

DokKenny G

AC/DC Talk

Billy Osean Lennon

Notorious B.I.G. Love & Special Sauce

Captain and Tenille Young

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