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“Squirrels on Parade” begins 9-10-99

We are looking for talented artists to help bring an exciting new public art venture to life which involves the alteration and placement of a large quantity of life-size cast concrete squirrels.

The project is as follows: Each artist will purchase his/her own squirrel ($20); alter/enhance/decorate/etc. said squirrel; then find a public site suitable for a 2 month installation of respective squirrel. This could be an agreeable business, restaurant or laundromat, etc. This project will be fully documented and publicized, including press releases, posterity photos, a web site, and a detailed map indicating the location of each squirrel and artists’ names. Decide where your squirrel will be going prior to pickup to insure inclusion on the official map.

The “Squirrels on Parade” public art project was born on a hunch that people like art, but people really like squirrels.

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