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The Bea Arthur Web Page

Everyone has been blessed with the presence of Bea in their lives at one time or another. Whether it be an autographed picture you have of her, or if you happen to have seen her gallivanting in the produce department in a grocery store, or if you have accidentally walked in on her while taking a shower, we all have had experiences with Bea that we would like to share. That is why I have dedicated this page to the personal experiences that Bea fans worldwide have informed me of.

An absolutely stellar fan sent me a letter chock-full of information about Bea when she was recently spotted cruising down the highway. He wrote:

“Bea Arthur Sightings!! She was seen yesterday (Oct. 17, ’97) driving in her white utility van down the Ventura Freeway in Los Angeles and going the full speed limit. The van could seat ten people but Bea was driving alone. She moved on the San Diego Freeway zigzagging in and out of traffic. Then she exited at the Sunset Boulevard off-ramp. We lost her when she turned off into a canyon area in Brentwood where she has a home and lives by herself with two Doberman dogs named ‘Emma’ and ‘Albert.'”

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