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The Dream Page

Here we have yet another venture into group dynamics (like the Psychology Page and the Literature Page). This time: You can submit an interesting (or even a boring) dream you’ve had. You can submit an interpretation for a previously submitted dream.

The Dream Being Interpreted:

I’m falling upwards. Eventually I fall out of the entire solar system, galaxy, universe. I find myself in a small stone structure, with a table in it. Hovering above the table is a small pulsating sphere of energy; my universe.

The Interpretations:

You are frustrated by being inadequate in size when you are with a woman, as the small pulsating sphere indicates. You are constantly aroused as can be seen from the section of your dream where you are floating up and up, much as little Willy keeps going up and up.

This dream is an obvious result of a severe caffeine addiction. In dreams, when one falls upwards it means they are unsatisfied. Switch brands; no more cheap stuff. In any endeavor the highest quality of caffeine is needed. As for falling out of the universe, you are either unhappy with your life, or want to have a God complex but you feel you would make a worthless God. Thus the entire universe is a little sphere in a lonely stone citadel. Or it could mean you had a bad burrito before bed, or are a chronic masturbator, or it could be *gasp* just a dream. Thank you for your time.

You want to have dinner with God but he has no time…

You’re all fucked up.

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