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The Virtual Pet Cemeteryª

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Welcome to The Virtual Pet Cemetery, a unique cyber graveyard for pets. All of us, at one time or another, have had a pet we loved and lost. If you wish to immortalize your beloved pet in the tombs of cyberspace for eternity, now is your chance.

Touche Turtle–R.I.P.

When I was a small child, I was given a desert tortoise as a pet. I loved him dearly and named him Touche Turtle after the famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon character. One day, I was shocked to find that Touche had dug himself into a burrow and had died. I was heartbroken, and was afraid to touch him for a couple of days, but I decided I had better be brave and give him a decent Christian burial. I put him in a cardboard box, dug a deep hole in the backyard, and laid him to rest with a few improvised words and a bier of flowers from the garden. As time went by, I adjusted to the loss of my cherished pet, until several years later, when I discovered to my horror that desert tortoises hibernate through the winter. I’m sorry Touche…wherever you are! Please forgive me!

In loving Memory of Paxo, my rabbit, who passed away 14th March 1990

Paxo was three when he died. It was my eighth birthday party. I had him out of his cage and he was running around the garden. I chased him and chased him, ’til I chased him out of the gate. I chased him onto the road, where he stopped. Luckily no cars were there. I ran up to him and picked him up in my arms. I stayed there for ten minutes, when all of a sudden I heard my Uncle’s van. He pulled into the driveway. I dropped the rabbit to run over to my Uncle. But, the rabbit got there first and was crushed under the wheels of my Uncle’s van. My Uncle got out of the van and said “Oh, lovely, fresh rabbit, we’ll have that for dinner.” So instead of my birthday cake, I got rabbit pie. I cried all night.

Peanuts and Dumbo

Once, several years ago, I had two white mice named Peanuts and Dumbo. One got this weird disease where his fur fell out of his body and blood came out of the furless spots, and he bled to death. He was given a burial at sea (my toilet)… Dumbo, however, had a much worse fate; while my brother was playing with him in his room, a board game flew down from the closet, struck the poor mouse, and he died in a matter of seconds from a broken neck. He was given a heartbreaking funeral, and we gave him a cardboard tombstone that we waterproofed and it still stands out in the backyard. I wish I could say the same for the body…A few months ago I tried exhuming it, only to find that the body was no longer there.

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