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Subject: Cleaning the bathroom

For those of you who live with a male, or who are males, have you noticed what collects on the back of the toilet rim? It is seen best when the lid is up, this thick film of curly pubic hairs and other debris. What is this? All I can figure out is that when men use the bathroom, since they are standing facing the direction of the back of the toilet rim, their pubic hairs somehow fly off and collect on the rim. Does this happen when they pull their shorts down, or do they scratch…what’s the deal here?

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Subject: Re: Cleaning the bathroom

As half of a multi-gendered household, I have noticed (casually of course) that crud does build up under the seat toward the back.

Until now I have not considered this question, I just help clean it up (by insuring that the check is available to the house cleaners every two weeks).

Possible explanations: The male directs the discharge from above and in front of the toilet bowl. Because the stream hits the bowl and the surface of the water at an angle, some “splash” can occur at a complementary angle, causing droplets to be deposited under the rim and toward the back. The junk just sits there…and more stuff grows. Also consider the possibility that the discharger may not hit the bowl every time. Arousal can change the engineering too and denies the male the control to which he is accustomed.

I cannot address the female contribution to this other than to have observed in female households a similar issue. I have NO knowledge of the details of these functions and cannot offer any hypotheses.

Pubic hairs fall off of both genders and can land anywhere.

One related comment: A complaint lodged against little boys is “put the seat up when you pee!” in response to droplets on top of the seat. A valid complaint and deserving of male attention. However, I discovered that flushing a toilet with the seat down can result in splashes of water flying up and landing on the seat. Not the fault of the little boy. How many young male psyches have been ruined forever by a mother or sister making this unjust accusation? What long-term results does this have on the individual? How would history be different if this was properly understood before?

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