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So, what exactly is the…

“Bring Back the Codpiece” campaign?

The campaign is about equality.

It addresses

* the neglect men have suffered, and

* the excessive attention women have been subjected to in the fashion industry.

Of course, men and women will obviously view this matter differently.

A man might consider it a matter of pride.

* Why should women have all the fun with clothing that exaggerates

their body form?

* Why should not men be allowed some way of redefining their body form?

A woman might consider the issue of feminine false modesty.

* Why is it that throughout history it has been women who have been subjected to all sorts of tortuous undergarments that have pushed, pulled, padded, flattened them into the social ideal of female body shape?

* Isn’t it about time that men have something more significant to think about than which tie to select in the morning?

The equivalent of the codpiece may be a brassiere for women. It has a function (support the breasts) but can also be padded and underwired to enhance and exaggerate the breast size. And just as women may sew a coin in their bras in case they ever need to make a phone call, men used to use their codpieces as a purse to carry small coins.

Women’s clothing has been the primary focus of fashion magazines, talk shows, costume history, and controversy. But what about men? While women have the freedom to wear the popular sheer garments with nothing underneath or the opportunity to wear their foundation garments on the outside rather than hidden underneath their clothing, all men have had to be excited about is the length and width of their ties. In the media, the male body is deftly avoided. The most risque the TV media gets is showing Marky Mark with his boxer shorts above his Calvins.

This is an unfair bias towards women and demonstrates the need for a fashion change for men.

The codpiece is the ultimate fashion accessory for men!

It’s time to “Bring Back the Codpiece.”

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