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The wise young breast

by Cherie Bromley

She remembers her lusts, and her pert, nubile breasts.

She remembers how it was–overpowering, passionate, and groiny. Her young breasts drawing them in to play. Naive breasts, full of life and bounce.

She remembers how, once the transformation took hold, how her lusts for this and that changed, quite radically.

She learnt about trust and surrender as she rode the oceanic waves to the shore of the maternal. Her breasts now engorged and veiny, nourishing.

There was a time when during dinner parties and gatherings, the conversation would turn to politics, feminism, or religion.

Feeling aloof and distracted, she longed to make her passionate offer–“Would anyone care for some breast milk?”

Her lusts had changed in a hormone haze.

Once the suckling had ended and the milk flow slowed to a mere trickle and then to a mere droplet of pearly fluid squeezed from her nipple–things were not yet as she remembered.

Fighting the urge to constantly push and reshape herself and only to look in the mirror just so, she slowly comes to acknowledge, accept, and welcome the time of the Wise Breast.

Make way for the Wise Young Breast.

Initiated into mysteries, loved, suckled, needed, sought after, prodded, emptied, and forgotten.

In this breast you shall find appreciation.

In this breast you shall find warmth and acceptance.

Treat it well, caress it with care, honour it, cherish it. It has fed our children.

It is the Wise Young Breast.

The Wise Young Breast was written as a performance piece for Cafe Yum’s provocative dinner theater show “Lust and Trust.”

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