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From: (vampire)

Subject: How long does Katsup last?

I have found a GREAT deal on katsup (Heinz in the glass bottles of course). They are three for a buck ($1.00). I have already gotten 45 bottles and want to get more, but am wondering if anyone knows how long they will last on the shelf in the kitchen.

Will they last longer if I keep them somewhere else that may be cooler?

I have also found katsup in plastic bottles at four for a buck ($1.00). Should I also stock up on these?

Which kind keeps better?

Take my bottle of ketchup when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!


Subject: Re: How long does Katsup last?

First off, the true ketchup lover should never be concerned with the shelf life of ketchup. It should never have to sit on a shelf for any length of time.

That said, ketchup should last for at least a year in a sealed bottle. I don’t know if environment makes a difference, but if I was building a cache of ketchup, I’d keep it in a cool, dark location so as not to take any chance of ruining any of God’s Sweet Sauce.

Remember, God loves Heinz and he will make you burn in hell if you buy any other brand. At least that’s what my father told me.


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