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How to Ride a Unicycle…

1. The first thing that you need is a good unicycle. Don’t go to some stupid little store and buy a $20 unicycle. You won’t be able to learn on one. I would try your local bike shop. A decent unicycle will run from $70-$300.

2. Now that you have a unicycle you need to learn how to get on it. The way you mount a unicycle is by placing the unicycle out in front of you with one pedal facing towards your prominent foot. Make sure that the pedal is also below the middle of the tire. Now that the pedals are situated place the seat in your crotch. Now you are ready to mount your unicycle. Place your prominent foot on the pedal that is right in front of it and press down. This is what will happen, when you press down on the pedal the wheel will roll under you and lift you up because you have the seat under you.

3. Now would be a good time to check the height of your seat. Your leg should be straight when you put your heel on the pedal. This means that when you ride (on the balls of your feet) your legs will be slightly bent. NOTE: I think that having your seat a little lower when you are learning

is a good idea.

4. Now that you are on your unicycle you should just get comfortable sitting on it. Just kinda rock around and get the feel for it.

5. Now you are ready to start learning how to ride. Find a wall or something that you can put one hand against while sitting on your unicycle. At this point start to pedal. What you should be aware of is the DEAD spot on the wheel. This is the point when one pedal is at the top and the other is at the bottom. You will soon learn that you have to keep enough speed to keep from stopping at this point. Just practice going back and forth across the wall for a while. Do this until you feel comfortable and you are only using one hand and sometimes letting go a bit.

6. After you are comfortable on the uni then you have to get down to some real practicing. You have to leave the wall behind you. If you stay with the wall much more you will become too dependent on it. Get yourself against something that you can use to get up with that faces you into an area of open pavement. Driveways are often very good because you can hold onto the edge of the open garage door and then ride into your driveway.

7. Get facing out into the driveway, crouch down just a bit (kinda stick your butt back a little), and pick a point to look at out in the distance. You don’t want to look at the ground. Now start to pedal and let go of the wall. This is where everyone falls down. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are going slow you WILL fall over. You have to keep up enough speed to keep stable. When you fall down just abandon your unicycle and get your feet under you.

8. Just keep doing the last step over and over again and after many hours you will see that you are improving.