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Subject: 105MM Film

105 mm film is used to make microfiche. I am curious…has anyone ever experimented with this size film to shoot movies in?



Subject: Re: 105MM Film

The Soviets experimented with 105mm film in a variation of their Cinerama ripoff “Kinopanorama.” In the system as they devised it, they would use the triple-lens setup to expose three images across the width of the wide film. The resulting negative was then printed on another 105mm film, this one carrying three sets of sprocket holes, and it was slit into three 35mm films for triple projector theaters. I have no further knowledge of how far along with their experiments they got. Such a wide film is difficult to handle and the reason for its use would have been to overcome shortcomings in panel to panel steadiness IN THEIR CAMERAS, which were not a significant problem with either Cinerama or Cinemiracle. “Panel jiggle” as seen in virtually all multifilm panoramic systems has most of its origins in the projectors themselves. If a camera imparts unsteadiness then the resulting projected image will have its panels wandering all over the screen. Claims that Kinopanorama somehow overcame technical problems in Cinerama are, in all likelihood, typical Soviet boasts.

Marty Hart

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