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From: (Garry L. Martin)

Subject: My First DBG

Had my first Double Big Gulp this weekend. My apprehension was clearly unfounded. It felt so natural, so limitless. Looking at the cup when I finished, it didn’t seem very big anymore. I would like to see a larger size become available. I want someone to give me a huge popcorn bucket, fill it with coke and ice, and slap a lid on it. Forget this 64 oz. crap. How about 256? 512? Call it the OmniGulp, whatever. There is a need for this product. We ought to speak out.

Toby Martin

From: (Bob Maher)

Subject: SBG in the media

Just saw a gulp product on Beavis & Butthead. They were walking into a concert carrying “Huge Gulps,” no doubt Sev’s (7-11) copyright kept them from using SBG’s.

Also, (for you SBG in academia types) I’ve been able to work SBG’s into my lectures a few times. I teach managerial economics to MBA’s, and the: Gulp > Big Gulp > SBG > DB

is a perfect example of second degree price discrimination. Anyone else ever see a DG in a classroom before?

Keep on Gulpin…


From: g9124261@mcmail.cis. (D.M. Crofton)

Subject: Where are the international gulpers?

It seems that Canadians are overrepresented on the group? Don’t you Americans care about 7-11? After all, you guys invented the SBG.

Stop watching COPS and start drinking!

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From: (Jack-Lee Gibbons)

Subject: Fresnel lens

Could someone please answer a history question for me? During WWII, was there a fresnel lens used to display a “meatball” for shipboard aircraft recovery? If so, was it a standard on all carriers of the time?

Subject: Re: Fresnel lens

No. The automatic glide slope lights using a fresnel lens didn’t reach the fleet until after WWII. Night landings back then were done with the LSO wearing lighted paddles, during the early part of the war, and later with fluorescent/reflective paddles and suit.