New Tools for Homeland Security

After 9/11 another tragedy unfolded–the realization that we do not know how to protect ourselves from unexpected disasters. The terrorists made their point–they demonstrated how easy it is for an individual to kill many people; how easy it is to destroy our country’s economy; how easy it is to implant the FEAR FACTOR. The U.S. has become a sitting duck.

On this page we list some of the methods of preventing terrorism. In a nutshell: SECURITY does not guarantee personal safety because it is applied only as a warning of attack. PREVENTION does guarantee personal safety because it deters terrorism by discouraging any action.


HBMM (Human Body Motion Monitor) By putting HBMM cameras in public places (streets, airports, shopping malls, etc.) we can identify fugitives, parolees, illegal immigrants and terrorists…. HBMM SPOTTER can detect an individual demonstrating any out of ordinary behavior.

N-ID. Card (the National ID. Card) Containing digitalized record of: Drivers License, SS, Credit Card, VIC (Verification/Identification Code), fingerprints, voice print, HBMM, handwriting, medical record, DNA, addresses, insurance, credit rating, etc. The N-ID. Card is, in fact, “the digitalized human being.”

LMT (Label Marker Terminal) LMT labels would make it improbable to send deadly bacteria through the mail. The labels would be sold with stamps at the Post Office.

ECS (Earth Contour Scanner) This makes 3D photos of the earth’s surface….For example, with the latest video of Bin Laden, showing rocks in the background, the ECS can establish exactly where the rocks are located.

BWV (Bullet With Venom) BWV bullet can be fired by any gun. It will not kill but will disable a person for 4 to 7 minutes.

RDG (Robot Dispensing Gas) The fastest way to catch Bin Laden or others is to send remote controlled robots dispensing sleeping gas into the caves.

“NON-POLITICALLY CORRECT” TV/Radio program This program’s main function will be to “package” the demands of citizens and submit them directly to congresspersons. If, after a given period of time your congressperson does not succeed in passing new legislation, this TV/Radio program will take action to recall this congressperson from office and announce a new election….This “NON-POLITICALLY CORRECT” program is a guideline for a modern democratic system of the future.