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The Speed Trap Registry

Welcome! to the speed trap registry. This registry was started in Feb. ’95 in an effort to cut down the number of speeding tickets resulting from speed traps. The “Men in Blue” of our nation have better things to do (like watch the O.J. trial) than operate speed traps to entrap motorists in an effort to increase fine revenues.



This town of 300 has the largest per capita police force in the US. 1 mile above the speed limit and it’s a ticket. Why Brooklyn? It’s across the river from St. Louis and it has a thriving porn/striptease/ prostitution strip. So unsuspecting tourist and business folk come to Brooklyn for a good time and end up paying for the Brooklyn P.D.’s shiny new patrol cars. They also run a search and seizure racket, but that’s been curtailed due to court action. [Submitted by (Ramin).]

Homer (between Champaign-Urbana and Danville)

It’s a town of under 1000 people that gets lots of revenue from speeders. I went to traffic school after getting my ticket (in order to keep it off my record) and half of the class had received tickets in this town.

Sugar Grove

Sugar Grove is located on state route 47 and state route 56. State route 56 provides easy access to I-88. The local yokels like to trap the commuters who use this route to go to work in the Chicago suburbs.

Germantown Hills (6 miles east of Peoria on state highway 116)

I know that this is a speed trap, because I am on the Village Board. Several years ago people complained about the high speeds through the Village, and we decided the only way to slow down traffic is to get a reputation for a speed trap. So we contract hire County Police primarily to operate radar and give tickets. We’d rather people just drive through slow, but so far we’ve not had any problem finding people to ticket. Village is short, suggest you just drop the speed for the short stretch through it.

Cicero Ave. just north of I-55

Cicero is a 4 lane road… looks fast, but the posted speed is a surprisingly slow 35 mph. The Stickney cops sit and wait to generate revenue for the city. The east side of the road is Chicago (Chicago cops don’t care if you do 100, as long as you feed your parking meter when you stop!) but Stickney cops can stop you on either side of the road!