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Erik Satie (1866-1925) was a French composer. I like his music, but after reading a biography about the man I think I like his writings even more. Here are some writings I’ve gleaned from various biographies.

Day in the Life of a Musician

An artist must regulate his life.

Here is a time-table of my daily acts. I rise at 7.18; am inspired from 10.23 to 11.47. I lunch at 12.11 and leave the table at 12.14. A healthy ride on horse-back round my domain follows from 1.19 pm to 2.53 pm. Another bout of inspiration from 3.12 to 4.7 pm. From 5 to 6.47 pm various occupations (fencing, reflection, immobility, visits, contemplation, dexterity, natation, etc.).

Dinner is served at 7.16 and finished at 7.20 pm. From 8.9 to 9.59 pm symphonic readings (out loud). I go to bed regularly at 10.37 pm. Once a week (on Tuesdays) I awake with a start at 3.14 am.

My only nourishment consists of food that is white: eggs, sugar, shredded bones, the fat of dead animals, veal, salt, coco-nuts, chicken cooked in white water, mouldy fruit, rice, turnips, sausages in camphor, pastry, cheese (white varieties), cotton salad, and certain kinds of fish (without their skin). I boil my wine and drink it cold mixed with the juice of the Fuchsia. I have a good appetite but never talk when eating for fear of strangling myself.

I breathe carefully (a little at a time) and dance very rarely. When walking I hold my ribs and look steadily behind me.

My expression is very serious; when I laugh it is unintentional, and I always apologise very politely.

I sleep with only one eye closed, very profoundly. My bed is round with a hole in it for my head to go through. Every hour a servant takes my temperature and gives me another.

Caught at Chile-Heads Digest Volume 1, Issue 80 ( 8000/anonymous/chile-heads/digest/DIGEST.080)

From: (Richard Strayer)

Subject: Re: Are These Habs?

Michele, from your description they definitely could be Habs [habanero peppers]. If you don’t have any chile books with pictures, try netting to the chile-heads WWW server at “” If I’m not mistaken, there are some image files of Habs there (you did put some there, Michael?) from which you should be able to get a positive ID of your mystery grocery-store chiles.

Of course the other method of ascertaining whether these chiles were correctly labelled is the one you referred to, and which was only half-jokingly posted on rec.gardens; put it in your mouth. If your head jumps off your shoulders, your eyes flood, and your ears ring like a church belfry on Sunday, it’s a Hab. If you’re too frightened to try this simple experiment, put it in your (soon to be ex-) SO’s mouth and watch for smoke.

Hope this helps.