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From: Gary Cohen

Subject: darkroom cafe!

I was experimenting with new methods for roasting coffee beans and just happened to get the clever idea (if I may say so myself) of trying to slowly roast them on a print dryer (with the heat turned up). The results were phenomenal! I found the process to work best with Capulin and Kenyan AA beans. Roasting in the darkroom has the advantage of making the whole environment into a cafe smelling haven (it entirely covers up the usual nasty smell of photographic chemicals) while providing a certain quite real degree of relief for the caffeine desire (which at times rages out of control) which is hard to satisfy while working in the darkroom. The particular way in which air flows from the dryer provides the ability of the device for extremely uniform roasting. I have never tasted such exquisitely roasted beans anywhere else on earth (with the one exception of TGW’s in Denver). A must try for all true java/photo nuts.

Any further questions, please contact me for roasting details. It is important that the directions be followed EXACTLY! (Otherwise the consequences can be devastating.)

Very earnestly yours,


From: (TGW)

Subject: Re: darkroom cafe!

Earnestly, I’m dyin’ to try it! Give me more details, give me! It sounds like a simply marvelous discovery.

Not unlike the one I made a few months ago which involves rubbing about 1/4 cup of nice oily roasted beans in your hands. The oil from the beans, you see, serves as a moisturizer that is quite beneficial for alleviating the dry skin issue with which all us Coloradans wrestle during this time of the year. (Not just Boulderites, but all Coloradans!)