To the editors:

Re: Bill Wyman’s pop year in review [January 17].

I feel a need to add a qualifier to his “buy used CDs” pitch. I would limit this approach to reasonably established major label artists. Sure, CDs are offensively overpriced, but what good does it do to take that out on the struggling independent labels, which have already watched their entire distribution system crumble? On the other hand, I actively seek out used/promo copies (or get tapes from friends) of artists like the Cure, Rickie Lee Jones, or Prince. They’re not going to miss my royalty, and the conglomerates don’t deserve the money. Even “street-credible” acts like Nirvana and the Replacements are worthy of this type of protest vote.

As for Wyman’s top ten list: it seemed reasonable enough, but is the fact that numbers one and two are mere repackagings of 5-15 year old material a commentary on the sorry state of today’s music, or a sign of the reviewer’s laziness?

Glen Sarvady

Brooklyn, New York