Case #97L4694: Rentschler v. Manhole

Michael Rentschler says he “suffered great bodily pain and injury and mental anguish” from an April 30, 1995, fall in the bathroom of the gay bar Manhole, 3458 N. Halsted. Rentschler charges that the proprietors of Manhole “negligently permitted grease, oil or other slippery material” to remain on the bathroom floor.

Damages sought: $50,000+

Case #97L660: Schofield v. Venture

Patricia Schofield says she was “severely and permanently injured” by a train of shopping carts in a Bridgeview Venture store. According to her suit, Schofield was standing in the checkout aisle on July 26, 1995, when an employee struck her with a number of carts, trapping her “between said carts and check-out counter.” As a result, Schofield claims, she will “incur large sums of money for medical services, hospital, nursing and rehabilitative care.”

Damages Sought: $50,000+

Case #97L8906: Sauer v. McDonald’s

South-side 16-year-old John Sauer Jr. brought home a take-out order of Chicken McNuggets from a nearby McDonald’s last March. He eagerly ate the first two McNuggets but says the third consisted of “hard bone-like pieces…that tasted very different than the two nuggets he had previously eaten.” Sauer examined the suspicious McNugget, concluded it was “a battered, fried rodent,” and says he then suffered from vomiting and abdominal pains. Sauer claims that when he returned to McDonald’s the manager told him, “You got yourself a rat there.”

Damages sought: $15 million+

Case #97L12369: Ortiz v. Rodriguez

Prison inmate Genardo Ortiz is suing former Chicago police superintendent Matt Rodriguez for violating his civil rights when police raided his home and auto repair business in November 1994. Ortiz says the raid constituted an “unlawful deprivation” of his property, including 650 pounds of marijuana.

Damages sought: unspecified

Case #97L5073: Roberts v. Ameritech

Niles resident Richard Roberts has his own definition of phone slamming after getting a new line installed on October 17, 1995. The Ameritech technician allegedly drove a power drill through Roberts’s hand. Roberts claims he was exercising “due care and caution for his safety” at the time of the accident.

Damages sought: $60,000+

Case #97L4655: Braasch v. Korona Tavern

Robert Braasch Sr. was patronizing this southwest-side bar on February 1, 1996, when he tripped over the owner’s sleeping dog. Braasch says the resulting fall caused him injuries that forced him “to be absent from his usual pursuits.”

Damages sought: $50,000+