Case #98CH2950: Norman v. Pollard

Jay Norman, a Chicago-area Buick district manager, took Jeanne Pollard of Chicago to the 1998 Chicago Auto Show’s “First Look for Charity” event. He had two tickets in a drawing to win a 1998 Chevy Corvette convertible and offered to share part of the prize with his date if he won. When he did win, Norman says, Pollard ran up to claim the prize and later demanded that the organizers give her the car. Norman’s attorney says the suit was settled after they agreed to split the car’s $40,000 cash value. The charity event was the couple’s last date.

Case #98L394: Winiarz v. The Limousine Emporium

Limo driver Jason Winiarz bought a 1995 Lincoln Town Car for $61,500 from the Limousine Emporium in Brookfield. His suit alleges that the car came fully loaded–with problems. These included a bad air conditioner, a leaky right rear window, and a wet bar that fell apart, and “the wood used to construct the interior of the limousine emitted a foul odor during warm weather.”

Damages sought: $120,000+

Case #98L2829: Hooks v. Barneys

Robin C. Hooks bought a suit at Barneys in Beverly Hills in 1996 and had the store take up the pants. She moved to Chicago and wore the suit for the first time two months later. That day, Hooks says, the heel of her shoe caught an unsewn part of the hem, causing her to trip and fall down her front steps. Hooks claims her fall caused “a significant loss of use of her right arm,” and says it was Barneys’ duty to tailor their duds “so as not to have that clothing contribute to injuries incurred by those purchasing and wearing Barneys’ clothing.”

Damages sought: $30,000+

Case #98CV1443: Kessel v. Emergency Alert System

Jill Kessel of Schaumburg believes that since 1983 the annoying drone of Emergency Broadcast System tests has somehow been including details of her life. According to her suit, Kessel and her family have “experienced public humiliation, public threatening, public/private harassment, [and] general conversation regarding my private life and affairs.” She also claims her family has “suffered so much [that] the magnitude of its impact has been immeasurable because of the threat to their lives and well being.”

Damages sought: $30,000,000