Case #97L015744: Shaw v. Zahn

Hell hath no fury like Kindra Shaw, scorned when fiance Werner Zahn broke off their engagement and nine-year relationship last August. Shaw claims Zahn promised to marry her and provide “$2,000.00 per month for rent, an $800.00 per week allowance, the use of credit cards held in his name and written commitments for the purchase of real estate.” Shaw calls herself “a 49 year old female of reasonable sensitivities” and predicts the breakup will cause her “loss of standing in the community.”

Damages sought: $1.647 million +

Case #97L16191:

Broadwater v. Chicago Transit Authority

Geneva Broadwater blames the CTA for a 1996 Red Line accident that killed her son in the State Street subway. Broadwater calls the CTA careless and negligent because it “failed to warn of a dangerous condition” and “failed to give adequate warning of oncoming trains.” Willie Broadwater was hit by a train while walking on the tracks “in the vicinity of Harrison and State.”

Damages sought: $50,000 +

Case #97L15085:

McGill v. Tenneco Packaging and Jewel Food Stores

Theresa McGill allegedly received first-, second-, and third-degree burns on Thanksgiving in 1995 while using Tenneco’s “EZ Foil Rack ‘n Roaster with EZ handles.” McGill says the foil pan she bought at Jewel–advertised as the “perfect size for roasts and turkeys up to twenty pounds”–gave way, spilling scalding juice onto her arm. She claims she has suffered “loss of a normal life” as a result. McGill’s lawyers waited two years until Thanksgiving 1997 to file the claim, then hired Minkus & Dunne, self-proclaimed “counselors in strategic public relations,” to publicize the suit.

Damages sought: $50,000

Case #97L8037: Stewart v. Wendy’s

Lettuce and onion weren’t the only roughage Ronald Stewart claims he found in a Wendy’s cheeseburger in 1995. Stewart says he bit directly into a half-inch metal screw buried in the burger at a Tinley Park Wendy’s, causing him “extreme physical pain and emotional suffering” and leading him to seek “emergency dental care.”

Damages sought: $100,000+