To the editors:

I read with much interest Karen Fort’s article “Mothers” (February 2, 1990), and also with some regret. I, too, once promised that I would decide when I would have my babies and how many. Then, after my husband and I made the decision that we were ready and wanted to be parents, we discovered, after 7 years of medical treatment including surgery, that I was infertile, and that the decision when I would have our children and how many was not mine to make after all. While I am, despite infertility, pro-choice, I can’t help but wish that more women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy would consider life for their children and making an adoption plan. There are many couples like my husband and I, good people, who long to be parents, but for whom fate has dealt a lousy hand in dealing us infertility. The child in Karen Fort’s article would have been very much wanted, cherished and welcome in our family, as in thousands of other infertile couples’ families.

Susan Carver