To the editors:

After reading Bryan Miller’s story about chiropractors [June 28], I, like the unnamed orthopedist, am appalled that reputable hospitals find it profitable to allow such individuals to practice on their premises. Any person who enters a profession which is based upon the belief that all illnesses result from misaligned vertabrae is either a fool or a charlatan. The fact that the person may do a nice job of rubbing backs is entirely beside the point.

My own experience with such a charlatan cost me $170 for four visits. I had been told that I would have to come 14 straight days before my problem would be alleviated, then weekly visits for several more months would be necessary. The orthopedist I went to on the fifth day told me if I took it easy, the problem would resolve itself in ten days (which it did), then he sent me to a physical therapist who taught me exercises which have prevented a recurrence of the problem.

Of course there are success stories told about people who have recovered from asthma, etc, after a chiropractor’s attentions. I am sure that those unfortunate persons who develop psychosomatic illnesses in order to get attention may recover from lots of things after being palpitated and fondled. A nice healthy fuck would probably work even better.

Art Naebig