[Re: Post No Bills, April 14]

WBEZ has assiduously dismantled a knowledgeable staff of great DJs (Neil Tesser, Steve Cushing et al) and replaced it with a tasteless stew of corporate mush, a perfect diet for a soulless didactic academic such as Davey Kemper [Letters, April 28]. Mark Ruffin has consistently shown a superior knowledge of jazz, and obviously lives and breathes his craft. Chris Heim, on the other hand, displays a stunningly arrogant approach that leaves no room for creativity. I tuned into WBEZ the night after he was fired to listen to Mark Ruffin’s show, and to my dismay she was the DJ! She actually had the audacity to air her dirty laundry by saying she was “cleaning house.” Not only was that disrespectful to Mr. Ruffin, but the music she then played clearly demonstrated that she can’t begin to hold his jazz jockstrap. It’s amazing that someone with so little respect for real jazz would be put in that position of power. Her dumbing-down housecleaning leaves only the great Dick Buckley and Larry Smith to hold the jazz torch. I submit to WBEZ that Chris Heim deserves a vacation. Perhaps I could personally take her on a boat ride to the middle of Lake Michigan and then make her take a very long walk on a very short plank.

David Byrd