To the editors,

Am so happy, to see that Cineplex Odeon has now managed to get their greedy little hands on the IMAX theater at Navy Pier (“Culture Club;’ March 22). Now we can look forward to the same abysmal presentation that they’ve brought to every other theater they’ve assumed-control of in Chicago, except now we get to see a lousy image and poor sound on an 80-foot screen.

I suppose it wasn’t enough that they already managed to trash the McClurg Court theater, which before their sterling fig management took over, was one of the best showcases in town. That Chicago area moviegoers continue to put up with this shit, with nary a comment from local critics (who usually view films in separate press screenings anyway), always astounds me. I guess if you’ve never seen anything better (which you won’t at any Chicago first-run house), then you have no basis for comparison. I have seen films shown at third rate movie theaters in the Los Angeles area that would make any first-run house in Chicago look like someone was showing home movies in their basement. I guess because: were the “Second City,” we’re supposed to pay our $7.50, sit back, and be happy to take whatever crap is dished out to us.

The only issue that operations such as Cineplex care about is their bottom line, the moviegoer being just a mild nuisance to put up with in their quest for profits. Most of the people managing these operations would be just as happy selling hamburgers, something which many of them are probably eminently more qualified for. I therefore suggest that when a viewer has been subjected to bad projection and sound, which has become the norm, that they contact the manager and in no uncertain terms ask for your money back. This they will understand. Dropping a note to the producer and director that made the film wouldn’t hurt either, as I’m sure they would be pleased to know that the thousands of hours and millions of dollars that they’ve invested in their film is wasted because the viewer never saw or he heard what the director intended.

Chalk up another gain for Corporate America, and another spit in the face to the moviegoer. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we get to pay more for parking now too.

Scott Smith