“Chicago is in my opinion one of the best African-American arts communities in the country,” says Jackie Taylor, artistic director of the Black Ensemble Theater, in the January issue of the Joyce Foundation’s “Work in Progress.” “We’ve been very free to create and explore here, because we don’t have the kind of expense or critic involvement they have in New York. So we’ve been able to take risks, and our theater survives and thrives.”

The real conspiracy. According to a poll reported in the “Progressive Review” (December 23), “Married Americans supported impeachment by a margin of more than two-thirds while just over half of conservatives and Republicans did.”

And just how did you say this research was conducted? Fraternity athletes consume 16 drinks a week, fraternity members who aren’t athletes average 13, non-Greek athletes 8, and students in none of these groups 5–that’s the short version of an article published by Southern Illinois University faculty and others in the January issue of the Journal of American College Health.

The Reverend Tom Behrens of the Night Ministry on West Addison reports on his Christmas Eve routine on the streets in the ministry’s newsletter “Nightlights” (Fall): “I never did much more than go into my regular bars and all night restaurants, say hello, and spend time visiting. I’d meet people I knew well, as well as those who had never seen me before. The clerical collar we wear always stands out and makes it easy for strangers to ask questions. After all, most people aren’t accustomed to seeing a clergy person in a bar at midnight on Christmas Eve, or any other night for that matter.”

“The city and the [police] department had three years to prove that [Chicago’s controversial anti-loitering] ordinance worked,” writes Warren Friedman in “Neighborhoods” (Fall), newsletter of the Chicago Alliance for Neighborhood Safety. “They made over 40,000 arrests and dispersed another 40,000 people. During this time, gang-related crime went down and then up. In 1997 (latest figures), gang-related violence was lower than when the loitering ordinance was enforced. Their own figures show the ordinance didn’t work.”

Tradition waits for no one. “Urbanization and modernization have stripped the world of most of the traditional wisdom of tribal cultures,” contends Robert Moore, president and CEO of the Institute for World Spirituality on South University, in a recent press release. “We are in a race against time. We have only two decades to turn this earth ship around–and away from the iceberg of denial.”

Good news from the state Department of Public Health, as reported in a December press release. Births and abortions to Illinois girls under 15 years old in 1995: 1,045. In 1997: 808.

The things you can do with a panoramic lens. Items in Elgin Community College’s International Multicultural Art Collection, according to a recent press release: “Two photographs of India and one photograph of France by Linda Connor; a photograph of Uganda by Alex Webb; photograph of Germany by Hubertus von der Goltz; and eight photographs of Cuba by Aaron Vessup.”

“Affordable units are in dire need,” writes Marsha Barancik in Illinois Real Estate Journal (November 23), “but rarely are welcomed with open arms into a city community….One technique used in some cities to reduce neighborhood opposition to a housing project is to involve residents in developing the site. Inviting the opposition group to use facilities provided in affordable projects is another icebreaker. But probably one of the best methods for building long-term understanding and acceptance for affordable housing is to educate a neighborhood on the value of trying to retain city employees with housing programs.”

The last word on the House impeachment proceedings, from the New York investor newsletter “The DRP Authority” (Winter): “They might as well be aliens…”