To the editor:

Although my profile, “Higher Learning,” in the Reader [April 11] was in largest part a commendable effort to portray myself and what I am about in an accurate fashion, I wish to inform your readers of two errors contained in the piece.

First, I do not promote pot. I simply enlarge the public’s understanding of the benefits to be derived from respectful and disciplined use of marijuana, so that those who choose to partake of the substance can remain users and not become misusers/abusers.

Second, the “trips” out west were not unauthorized by Columbia: they had absolutely no connection with the college whatsoever. Composed of young adults, some of whom happened to be students at Columbia, desirous of exploring the nature, depth, and potentialities of human consciousness, they were never offered psychedelics to use as exploratory tools by either my colleague or I. Any and all substances, in virtually all cases marijuana, used during such journeys were in the possession of the young adults themselves, with my colleague and I serving as guides, not suppliers.

Louis Silverstein

South Michigan

Mike Sula replies:

According to my notes, Silverstein never said that he supplied the hallucinogenic substances used by his fellow campers. I apologize for the error.