Militant Bolshevik Greetings Comrade!

I would like to clear up the mess that David Futrelle [September 15] and Alan Maass [Letters, October 20] have made with their discussion of “Marxism” in your newspaper. The fundamental cause of confusion is accepting the International Socialist Organization as a Marxist organization.

In point of fact they are a clique of liberal dilettantes wallowing in petty bourgeois individualism. Like the old joke about recognizing University of Chicago professors by their hunter’s shirts, petty bourgeois liberals are typically chicory drinkers in Birkenstock sandals, pacifists and “Nature Cure” quacks, and the “Bohemian” art girls who live on daddy’s trust fund.

Lenin dismisses so-called “Left Wing Communism” as an “Infantile Disorder,” while Spengler derides this ilk of “world improver” at considerable length, concluding that no form of hermetic abstract thought has made one bit of difference in the real world of power and money.

Equating Communism with the bourgeois liberalism of the I.S.O. is like equating Christianity with the bourgeois pacifism of Quakerism. (To continue the metaphor, Trotskyites are like Unitarians, Maoists are like Pentacostalists, and the “New Left” is one more manifestation of the whole “New Age” aversion to deep-thinking.)

I doubt you will find one steelworker, pipe fitter, or pressman in the I.S.O., as practical men have no time for what Rosa Luxemburg derides as “idle dreaming about a poetic ideal society.”

Yours For a Better World

R.M. Schultz

N. Franklin

PS: Just for Mr. Maass’s information, homosexuality is a bourgeois deviation and will disappear of its own accord after the Revolution. Fighting for “gay and lesbian liberation” is like campaigning for the right of the poor to sleep under bridges instead of working to end the system of production for profit that alienates and impoverishes the working man!