For your December 2, 1994, feature article “Searching for the Great Black Hope” I thank you. I am glad I had not read the article til now because of all the ironic situations that have occurred since December 2.

It seems the subject politicians feel I owe them my vote cause I’m black and whites owe them because the candidate is black. The goal of Gardner and Burris is to get a black man in the mayor’s office, not to get a capable man in the mayor’s office.

We citizens of all skin hues are sick of the hate politics from blacks and relish the chance to kick their butts out as they make them available. This is a fact so obvious these last few years with the drubbing we’ve given to other unqualified black candidates like Danny Davis, Sawyer, Tim “heir apparent” Evans et al. We will retire Gardner in the primary and Burris in the general election. We’ll get Rush if he runs for any citywide office. We’re after quality, not color.

Joe Gardner has done absolutely nothing that makes me believe he can run this big city. I found his hugging that thug, Gator Bradley, an insult and an abomination in his trying to push that thing as a participating human being. Gator Bradley is acceptable only to a fraction of the lazy people of the Third Ward. One wonders if those people in that ward will ever turn human and do something that is right and good for all those little people they keep making with such abandon. It is a shame that they think the best they have is an illiterate, pitiful 43-year-old gangbanger who thinks that another middle-aged gangbanger, in prison himself, could lead the youth of that hell hole. I think they want to repeat the stupid picture we see in Washington D.C. I saw just the other day that the situation there is so bad that half of the folks on their police force have been convicted of crimes; the corruption is so rampant that last week they could not afford to pay repair bills on a fire truck. Then Mr. Dopey, Marion Barry, was on TV saying he would give up part of his salary to alleviate the situation. How big is his salary? As I watched what is happening there I just relish the fact that there is a God. They are getting just what they deserved. Any time enough people can hate so much that they elect something like Barry to be what they show their children and the world as their desired representative they ought to suffer to death. Pathetically we have some of those same kinds of brains in the Third Ward. “They’re going to show them white people” by allowing Bradley to run as a representative for them. I wouldn’t care if our setup was like D.C., but that fool would vote in our city council, and the fools we have are bad enough. Shame on every adult down there and Lord have mercy on their victims, their children. Don’t believe those very literate letters someone writes and sends to the Trib and Sun-Times with Gator Bradley’s name as the writer. This guy has the vocabulary of a seven year old. We all read those letters and wonder what’s/who’s the real deal?

But we love the irony here. Dorothy Tillman, for all her years as alderman of the Third Ward, did all she could to stoop to the lowest levels to, she assumed, keep her job. She talks nasty, looks nasty, carries a gun and berates all blacks and whites that can think. In speaking in the tongue of the gangbangers, dope fiends, career welfare recipients, Lu Palmer and his Hateful Dummies On Call, this woman seems surprised that the dogs want to leave her with nothing but fleas. All her stupidity didn’t help her keep that dung heap that (is) was her kingdom. I love that law of “what went around will come around.” I have a picture of Ol Girl trying to shove her way into a picture with Mayor Daley and her behavior towards him was absolutely abominal always. All he had to do was take the high road and wait for that law of the universe to work its way back to that big dummy. All the dummies. Were those guys at the unity breakfast the same spineless guys that didn’t show up at the first one Mayor Daley gave because all those fools like Lu Palmer dared them? I think so.

First of all, Gardner is totally unprepared for any responsible job in government. He exhibits such impotence, poor judgment and is fooled easily. I’m sorry I voted to elect him commissioner to the Water Reclamation District. Since your article I have listened to him bandy about allegations that Senator Moseley-Braun endorsed Daley to get campaign debts paid, accuse Daley of misappropriating $280 million to a firm employing his brother and try to make street crime Daley’s fault. He has presented nothing to prove the first two accusations and we all know the last one is ridiculous. He doesn’t mention the trifling parents of street criminals. He has all these plans to benefit those in Chicago that contribute nothing but crime stats, and he has not told those of us taking care of these criminals how we are going to pay for his plan. He whines like an elderly baby because Daley won’t give him a million dollars in free publicity by debating him. Is he nuts? I wouldn’t debate him either. Where are the dollars from all those folks from whom he got the mandate to run? Joe Gardner is a dupe. And he knew it long ago. Bobby Rush knew he would be trounced in our mayoral election. Rather than saying what we voters knew, Rush tried to play it off as being a conscientious black man that didn’t want to tax our (presumed) loyalty to all the black folks running for mayor. So playing the good fellow he would get out and throw his support and supporters to Gardner. Do we see where Gardner is with Rush’s support?

The big surprise in this election has been the surprise of knowing Roland Burris is as big a bigot as he has to be to be with the likes of Mr. Hate himself, Lu Palmer and Eddie Read and other folks in the Dump Daley group. The surprise comes because Roland Burris has received the vote of all kinds of people not only in Chicago but all over the state of Illinois. We did not care about his color; he appeared competent, had what sounded like the best plan for his offices and was loyal to his party. To turn around and kick us all in the teeth by showing up with a hate group and playing the race card was astounding. His bruised ego at losing the governor’s race must have brought out the real Burris. Too bad for him, great for the voter. We know him now and he is through. I am still surprised that he didn’t know we have minds and hearts that break at seeing how small a man we have kept in office for so long.

Orr needs to stop being a listener and follower of those claiming to speak for me. The fact that he is afraid of Al Sampson and other blacks made mindless with hate shows he doesn’t give black folk credit for any common sense or desire for common good. Orr has no strength or true conviction and so he is not fit. It has nothing to do with his skin color.

I thought this election would be ho-hum fair, but not so. Just look at those who would be the latest Massa. Black folk that claim we have, as blacks, no right to an opinion, and white newspaper columnists writing about the difference of choices among blacks as if we had ever voted all one way or were somehow obligated to do so. How stupid of them all as the most important aspect of freedom is the freedom of choice in all things especially who runs things. It is one thing to disagree with my choice; it is another to insinuate that I am too stupid to make a choice. Or, just as bad, that I owe some stupid bastard something because he is black like me, valueless, but black. They better ask somebody.

Maryanne Burgess

W. Ainslie