In Noah Berlatsky’s review of the Mark Newport exhibition [“Man and Supersweater,” January 21], in making reference to Mark Newport’s alterations on the cover art of Catwoman vol. 3, #27, he writes this comment: “But what I noticed before any of that was the utter shittiness of the illustrator’s draftsmanship. Mainstream comics drawing has fallen off disastrously since the industry imploded in the 80s.”

Well, sharp-eyed readers with some knowledge of the comic book industry will notice that the artist responsible for the cover of this issue of Catwoman is Paul Gulacy, who made his industry debut in the 70s and is known for his meticulous design and composition. Perhaps Mr. Berlatsky is like the man who has been in the audience of the magic show for too many performances and now the tricks are beginning to bore him?

Michael Reese

South Lawndale