Dear editors,

Apparently, not only does Jonathan Rosenbaum have to make corrections in his reviews, but he has to make them in his corrections as well [“Compression Editing,” Letters, July 22]. Mr. Rosenbaum must have a unique editing machine that can put actors and scenes from one movie into another. Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, and the wedding scene are not in Speed. I know, since I saw (and tremendously enjoyed) this thriller.

Bridges and Jones, however, do appear in Blown Away, the other high-explosive action film that Rosenbaum reviewed in the same edition. But, who knows, with these multiplex theaters these days, maybe Dennis Hopper and Tommy Lee Jones will be swapping bomb tips (“I’ll trade you one subway and one elevator bomb for an exploding Walkman. Whattaya say?”).

Willie Holmes

S. Saginaw

The editors reply:

Kevin McKeough’s review of Speed and Jonathan Rosenbaum’s review of Blown Away both appeared in the July 15 issue. An editing mistake was made in Rosenbaum’s review, and in his correction he named the wrong movie. Sorry.