As a former editor of Conscious Choice, Chicago, I felt as if I had dodged a career bullet when I saw the October 20 front page Reader headline that read: “Conscious Choice gets a little wacky.”

Inside, Michael Miner’s Hot Type column blasted a 9/11 conspiracy story that ran in the September issue. Miner called the article “weird” and quoted the magazine’s new editor, Charles Shaw, as saying: “They booked that article before I came on.”

The next week the Reader printed a letter from the “weird” article’s author, Abigail Lewis, of California. The letter implied I was responsible for putting the piece “into production” for Conscious Choice.

I did not. I had nothing to do with this 9/11 conspiracy story. When I left the magazine in June 2006 I was unaware of it.

Also, when Conscious Choice was purchased from Dragonfly Media I was informed that the new owner was IBS Capital and understood it to have a parent relationship to Conscious Enlightenment, based in Los Angeles. I regret the error if my December editor’s note was incorrect in this description, as Conscious Enlightenment CEO Christopher Miglino told the Reader. If Miglino had told me the correct information I would have printed it.

I would like to thank the Reader for allowing me to make these clarifications.

Marla Donato