To the editors:

Your Neighborhood News on Clifton-Belmont neighbors [August 5] points out yet once again to us that the system of paid police is a failed system.

And what do you do when you have a failed system? Something else. You do something else.

Our paid police cannot protect us from anything, nor do they deter those who would harm us. They don’t even know the law. And when they fail, as they do with banal frequency, their cop-out is that they had more important business elsewhere.

But somehow if you are doing 55 mph on Lake Shore Drive, on an 8-lane limited access highway, in dry weather, you can always find a policeman.

Do those teenagers have the right to hang on Clifton-Belmont after they have already established a track record for harassing the community? They do not. And anyone who thinks that they do is bogged somewhere elsewhere than in common law justice.

The system of paid police has been around for less than 200 years, a very brief time in terms of human evolution. Before that, the men of the community policed themselves. But now that men have been effectively de-balled, and the women seeming to want it that way, we are left with only these paid police in uniform, who are mostly on the loaf, and not hustling anything like what you see on television.

Do the Clifton-Belmont neighbors have the right to “quiet enjoyment” of their street? You bet they do. Ask any FBI man who’s ever tried to harass a mafioso. Do they have the right to privacy? You bet. Freedom from harassment? Absolutely. This is all well established in law.

Are there any men left on the 3200 block of North Clifton? These same police who say the teenagers have the right to harass the community, what do you suppose they would do if some punk harassed their wives on their streets? Well, I think they would kick a little ass and not get bogged down in trivia. What do you think?

Neil Elliot