To the editor:

John Conroy ought to go down to 11th and State and look in the lobby there. He’ll see a wall that is covered with the 414 badges of police officers who were killed in action. He doesn’t even have to go inside. He can see the display from the sidewalk. If he’s sitting on the passenger side of a car going north on State, he can even see it from the street.

John, do you think maybe that display of badges may influence the actions of police officers who put their lives on the line every day, including Sergeant Peter Dignan and the rest of those officers who were involved in that case you described (“Shot in the Dark,” November 6)? In spite of all the questions surrounding the case, I’m glad that Sergeant Dignan (now Lieutenant) and his colleagues are still on the police force.

I’d like to add one final thing, John. As I was reading your article, it was reported on WBBM Newsradio 78 that the badge of late officer Michael Ceriale was added to those of the other fallen officers. He was badge number 414. I still plan to ride by 11th and State on my way home from work and give him a quiet salute. Thanks, Mike…thanks. What more can anyone say?

Gene Morrissey