To the editors:

In Ben Joravsky’s article re: Tom Corcoran (September 17) Mr. Corcoran refers to my community and says I’m ignoring Afro-Americans. He implies my community is exclusively white. It is not. It is Afro-American, Hispanic, Asian, and White. It is middle class and it is poor. Mr. Corcoran does not know me.

I marched with Martin Luther King in Selma, Alabama, and in Chicago, and have dedicated my life to the civil rights struggle. I have a son named after Martin Luther King.

As a school social worker I transferred from the northwest side to the Lawndale/Pilsen area in order to work exclusively with minority students and families. I, with others, initiated the lawsuit against Chapter 1 funds intended for low-income students.

My continual fight to reduce administrative positions in the central office has been an effort to place the well-being of our low-income, minority children above the well-being of highly paid administrators, whether these administrators were White, Afro-American, or Hispanic.

Unlike many board employees I chose to raise my family in a low-income, integrated neighborhood in Uptown. My children and I attended integrated Chicago public schools. His remarks about me are misleading and offensive. They reveal the tactics used by Mr. Corcoran to maintain his position of power for so many years.

Your article does not mention that, just prior to his resignation, in the middle of our present financial crisis, the board awarded Mr. Corcoran a $15,000 raise. To me, this clearly indicates that it is Mr. Corcoran who controls the board, not the board that controls Mr. Corcoran.

Bernard Noven

W. Wilson