To the editor:

Your piece on the missing Vietnam memorial [“Memorial MIA,” July 25] brings up a subject the press has been hesitant to cover these days. “Daley didn’t serve. His brothers didn’t serve. His father didn’t serve. They don’t know.”

Think about Vietnam. Nobody served. That is, nobody with any pull, or common sense, or ambition, or money. Let’s start at the top with slackers, Bush the AWOL reservist, Cheney the rich coward, Newt Gingrich, Wolfowitz, Phil Gramm, Steven Spielberg, Rambo–all those John Wayne cowards knowing there were real believing Americans for cannon fodder to die for them.

Why don’t we hear about them today? Well, because none of those Monday morning quarterbacks like Rush Limbaugh or George Will served either. When Bush lands on a carrier in full gear, how the 70-IQ citizens loved it! He was a hero. A true American.

But he is the guy running the country today, giving tax cuts to the rich and building up huge deficits. Also, what has he done for veterans?

You’re right. He doesn’t care. I don’t mean to pick on just Republicans for being slackers. Where were the Democrats, Tom Daschle, that bunch of sheep who thought their congressional seats were more important than speaking out against a war which is proving to be another Vietnam quagmire?

I don’t mean to blame the average American. It is not his fault that he has been dumbed down by the media. (The average TV commercial is aimed at an IQ of 70.)

Any hope for this country? Stay tuned.

David B. Zoellner


PS: Who served his country in the military? Al Gore!