To the editors:

I read your article on Around the Coyote 92 and some of the artists who were not happy about the organization [Neighborhood News, September 18]. I participated in the show, and all the artists I met in the Ludwig Drum Factory were all happy about the exposure they received. Some of us didn’t sell anything but that can even happen in an art gallery show especially with the way the economy is doing right now. This isn’t the free-spending 80s. I made a lot of good connections that will hopefully give my work further exposure. I was one of the few Mexican American artists who participated and I will participate every year the ATC stays around. This city could use more shows like this one. Please do an article about the artists who love this show not just about three artists who are a minority in our ranks. All the artists I talked to were very pleased with the show’s turnout and the exposure they received for their work. There will always be someone who’s not happy with any situation.

Long Live ATC.

Tony Galigo

Melrose Park