Honestly, what’s the matter with all the movie critics? Do they not get fed? Are they denied sleep? Why do they all seem to think that cranky and not liking anything is the best way to fulfill their jobs? Most of us didn’t go to film school–we’re regular people who like movies.

This is a rare experience for me, that I already know a movie well that’s being reviewed. And please understand, this is not about this one review, it’s about the reviewers in general.

The Fifth Element [Section 2, January 14] is a fantastic movie. It’s visually stunning, a beautiful vision of a future, and, simply put, a whole lot of fun. Now it may be that your movie critics are sufficiently jaded so as to no longer recognize “fun,” but the rest of us do, and a good portion of us are looking for it in movies.

I for one would like to see the Reader hire some movie critics less like Jonathan Rosenbaum and more like Marty Lennartz.

Steve Abrahamson

South Loop