To the editors:

I was doubled over in disgust upon reading the Chicago police superintendent’s reply that Hitler’s Germany, a society where every imaginable liberty was violated, “had a very low crime rate” [“Good Cop, Bad Cop,” December 13]. I would like to inform Mr. Martin that people under the Nazi regime suffered some of the most unspeakable brutality the world has known. Heinous crimes against humanity carried out “lawfully” by common citizens with the full backing of the horrendous, sovereign government in power. A typical day in this society of “a very low crime rate” included the murder of tens of thousands in concentration camps eventually totaling a population twice the size of Chicago. This was supplemented by a vigorous campaign of torture, imprisonment and enslavement of countless others. A few citizens beaten and coerced on Chicago’s West Side doesn’t faze LeRoy Martin. He would like to see protection suspended for “suspects” so him and his thugs can unleash their fury upon the entire city.

Kenneth Vlay

W. Charleston