Dear editor:

I was pleasantly surprised by Bryan Miller’s article “Guns & Women” [February 4]. As a former police officer, I have seen firsthand the dismal failure of the system in its attempt to be the only protection for women and society in general. I was surprised that any major metropolitan newspaper still had the honesty to print an article that tells the truth about firearms and crime.

When I was on the street, I saw an overwhelming number of criminal acts thwarted by armed citizens, many of them women. Antigun politicians like Richard Phelan talk about crime control, but ultimately they practice what amounts to control of law-abiding citizens. This kind of political power grabbing has left most Americans defenseless where, and when, they need it most–on the street while performing their normal daily tasks.

The only gun laws in America that have reduced crime have been “concealed carry” laws, such as those in Florida (except Dade County, where Janet Reno was responsible for denying permits, which led to a continuing rise in crime), Oregon, and a number of other states. I consider those people in the antigun movement to be the loudest antiwoman voice in America! It’s time we stopped allowing the government and their antigun cohorts to put Americans, particularly women, at the mercy of thugs.

James L. Harris

Franklin Park