I was incredibly disappointed to find after watching the movie Angels and Insects that with your one sentence review (that I was unlucky enough to have read before seeing the movie), you amazingly managed to give away the major secret of the movie. I would encourage anyone contemplating seeing the movie not to read your review.

Your description of the movie was akin to describing The Crying Game by saying, “A man is disappointed when he finds his girlfriend is actually a man.” Or for example describing the Star Wars trilogy by saying, “A young man, Luke Skywalker, battles the evil Darth Vader, only to find out Vader is actually his father!” Get the idea! By giving away an important plot development that doesn’t occur until late in the movie, you make it difficult, to say the least, to fully enjoy the movie as it was intended to be enjoyed.

I don’t really know if your reviewer liked or disliked the movie. It’s hard to tell from a one sentence review. But giving away a secret basically has the effect of trashing a movie by taking away some of the enjoyment of watching it. Personally, I thought it was a great movie that I would have enjoyed even more had I not read your description.

Michael Rosenzweig

Highland Park

Jonathan Rosenbaum replies:

I haven’t seen Angels and Insects, and the information originally contained in my capsule came straight from the distributor, so I assumed they thought it was OK to mention it. Sorry if they (and I) misjudged this.