To the editor:

Not to pick nits with myself, but it occurs to me that in my efforts to be overprecise, I robbed Ann Peebles, Al Green, and producer Willie Mitchell of almost a decade’s worth of achievement in my October 18 Critic’s Choice. To set the record straight: buoyed by Mitchell’s studio wizardry, Peebles and Green were Hi Records’ most creative and successful artists throughout most of the 70s. For some reason I decided to call their style the “late-60s, early-70s Memphis soul sound” because those were the years when Mitchell was beginning to hone that sound to perfection, and because Peebles had her first hits with the label in 1969 (Green didn’t chart for Hi until the following year).

Sheesh–next time I feel like ignoring the big picture for the sake of obsessing on minute details I’ll try to confine myself to diagramming sentences.

David Whiteis