I have never had the, er, pleasure of seeing Matt Gibson (Reader letters, July 6) onstage, but I can tell you (as a fellow Chicago actor) that it doesn’t take a lot of guts to sign your name to a letter in favor of Chicago critics. I thought that A Chicago Theater Artist’s letter [June 29] was pretty tame. He/she was saying what most of us in theater say behind closed doors. Or at least behind barroom doors. The only difference is that A Chicago Theater Artist didn’t name names. When me and my theater buddies talk about critics, we can tell you each and every one of their slants, their prejudices, their agendas, their pet peeves, and really juicy gossip about them that pretty much obliterates any claim they have on objectivity. Petty? Maybe. But the critics have tremendous power in our little theater world, and no one seems to hold them accountable. No checks, no balances. Most of us in theater hate it, but we go along with it and grumble in our beers. At least A Chicago Theater Artist said something about it.

Thanks for listening,


(Not my real name because I perform in Chicago regularly. I get reviewed regularly, and I’m not a fool)