To the editors:

[Re: “Boomed Out,” by Julie Phillips, July 31]

Congratulations on finishing school. Its effect on your not so focused story, “Boomed Out,” bottomed out. You write like an angry child without a point. If your sword is aimed at people 40 years old (or so), it missed me. I remember where I was when JFK was shot. I remember him, Martin Luther King, and others who made life convenient enough for you so that your pen may voice discontent with your teachers. I challenge you on the limited scope by which you view a larger generation committed to social change. I never told my parents I did not want to hear their history. I use their experience to promote my own contemporary thinking. I remember Lennon and Marley alive. I know Agent Orange, Exposure, and realize Joplin. I think music is ours without time constraint. I think your hair can attract enough attention to camouflage your wigged out, too cool attitude.

I appreciate the creative expression of your story, although I felt it lacked depth. You made no mention of settling tensions in a nuclear world. Remember, I’m still alive in 1987 too. So how could you comprehend Woodstock or Live Aid? How do you handle computer space? Your cynical way is just what you are. That’s all you are if you cannot understand the actions of others. I get no glory out of defying the system, just glory when I create a new system; like active legislation for human rights and peace movements for a world in conflict. I am still working toward these ideals. You just seem angry.

My point is that there is enough room on the road for your scooter and my Mercedes-Benz, but look out from your own view, not mine. Maybe you learned in school that criticism is only valid when accurate. Yours is not even targeted, you miss. I ask why bother shouting at such a large population if you have no platform for yourself to stand? I hope your children can speak up for you in the year 2006, when you are not so resigned about your personal state of affairs. When we can share the planet and when you have a point of view, not just a cry for attention. Maybe then we can get together and reminisce on how we once wrote about each other.