I was delighted to see the Reader do an article on my good friend George Christensen [“Earn Local, Ride Global,” November 24]. I have known him for years and have long felt that his extraordinary bicycle adventures deserved more attention than they have received. He may well be the world’s most traveled, if not dedicated and obsessed, bicyclist. He is most definitely a Chicagoan of note.

The article, however, didn’t do full justice to his 30-plus years of travels around the globe. For one, Jeffrey Felshman wrote that George bicycled the first and last stages of the Tour de France this past year, when he actually rode more than half of its 20 stages, some as long as 150 miles, including the l’Alpe d’Huez stage, as he has the past three years. (And he does this with 50 pounds of gear on his bike!) Nor did Felshman mention that George sends out lengthy e-mails, two or three times a week, to a circle of friends and friends of friends recounting his travels. It would take a book to detail all his trips, something many of his friends have been urging him to write for years.

I wish the Reader could have devoted more space to his fascinating travels to the far corners of the world. He does all this extraordinarily cheaply–wild camping most of the way, his only expense his food and the air transportation to get there. He is also a superb photographer, always capturing something in his lens worth looking at more than once. Maybe there can be a part two of the Adventures of George the Bike Messenger.


Joan Hersh