To the editors:

I read the article “The Starting Line” by Florence Hamlish Levinsohn [December 9] and I was disappointed that it was just some more unimportant cute stuff like the dailies.

Essentially, all Ms. Levinsohn talked about was polls by the dailies, who was in until whom dropped out and the political philosophy of a number of people who will not now or ever be mayor of Chicago or anyplace else for that matter.

I keep wondering when you people of the fourth estate are going to get to the basics which are the issues we voters should use to elect any official. You know, stuff like qualifications. What have they done for us in their other political jobs? How have they voted on important issues affecting the city? Show us where they live. Does it look as if it’s been napalmed like Evans’ 4th ward? How would they have handled the Steve Cokely hatefulness? (I know it’s hindsight, let’s hear it anyway.) Do any of the black candidates have a mind and agenda of their own? They all speak as if Washington was the last black man with a brain. I see so many real issues you people continue to ignore for all this useless drivel.

I am also puzzled as to why you think Evans has all black votes in his hip pocket. As a black person I find it insulting that this man thinks my vote is owned and can be left to him. Harold didn’t get it his second time around and he wasn’t the keeper of a neighborhood in as horrid a condition as the 4th ward. Tim Evans takes too much for granted. He should go back to polysilly Univ. and clean his nasty house before trying to clean the city’s. Besides that the man is totally and completely classless as evinced by his gathering busloads of people from the napalmed 4th ward and taking them over to the Regal Theater to boo Sawyer on national TV. I don’t especially like Sawyer, but that is not necessary to respect the office. When I saw that I wondered if those who would follow someone of this political depth wouldn’t wonder just where would this kind of political brilliance lead this already politically troubled city?

I’m glad Davis couldn’t possibly win, nobody knows him and his voice is aggravating as hell!

Burke and Vrdolyak will never win anything that requires more than 10 black votes. Not because they are white and bigots, but because they are white obstructionist bigots. Kinda like the Shaws and black obstructionist bigots that will be remembered next election. Bloom’s credentials and his work with his constituents are probably ok, but it won’t count with anybody. Go figure.

So that leaves Daley, hoping to start a new dynasty. And he has a good chance for a lot of reasons. He has been sitting back looking at all the racial silliness and waste going on, first by the Pucinskis and Vrdolyaks during Mayor Washington’s tenure, then the black against black against white garbage during Sawyer’s tenure and knows every race is tired of it and will figure he has studied it all enough to be smart enough to begin to stop the garbage. He can stomp in the right areas of the city touting a “new day” and win a lot of black votes.

So no matter what the media assigns us, it will be a dogfight between Daley and Sawyer for the vote. The presumptuous “heir” has been so busy feeding off himself, he forgot that most folks think and draw conclusions on what we see the pols do and he is strictly bush league. Finally, do your own surveys and polls and some “real” reporting

Maryanne Burgess