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To the editors:

Your piece on John von Rhein’s loath acceptance of Daniel Barenboim as the next leader of the CSO [Hot Type, November 18] stuck in my craw. What does this man represent but a regional microcosm of the political degeneration of our nation? In von Rhein’s own opinion you wrote that he regarded the trifling conductor as too young, uncharismatic and narrow in his repertory: Who does the CSO’s pathetic undertaking remind you of but the next vice president of our nation?

What incenses me most is von Rhein’s resignation to the man. Like George Bush, he is asking us to wait and see and then take notice. Surely the job of leading the CSO is nothing to that of guiding our country. But I fear the subtleties of Reagan’s trickle down theory are going to affect more than our wallets. We have learned to make do with mediocrity for the sake of bold political connections that in no way benefit our community. Even worse, those who represent our cultivated opinions are asking us to ignore our finely tuned appreciation for the arts, and embrace a second class cultural leader in what only recently has been internationally accepted as a first class city.

Jennifer Wolff

N. Seminary