To the editors:

Meghan Romano’s letter in the February 4 Reader correctly points out that a majority of Matches ads are exclusionary in nature because they are written with a specific personality type in mind. But, dear Meghan, this does not mean that the ads are written by racists! The ads are written by knowledgeable, discerning people like myself! We know what we want in a mate and aren’t ashamed to ask for it!

You have accused us of being prejudiced because we specifically ask for people with certain characteristics. When you make statements such as this, you are calling into question the very notion of being able to choose a mate based on personal appearance. You’re equating racism with good taste.

You have also accused us of being incapable of unconditional love. I assure you, Meghan, that we do feel unconditional love in our hearts every day of our lives. In fact, all of us love the same person: ourself. Think about it. Why do we need to advertise for a mate when there’s single people living next door? Because we’re so desperately in love with ourselves, we’re willing to go to any extreme to date someone who’s just like us!

So please, dear Meghan, do not accuse us of being racists. We are narcissists–and good-looking ones too!


John Bialas

N. Artesian