Dead bodies?

Chicago’s got ’em in the bag!

BLUE BAG RECYCLING just celebrated its first birthday! So far, Chicago, you’ve recycled over eight million blue bags’ worth of material. And that’s swell. But some of you–you know who you are–have been abusing the privilege! Bodies and body parts have been turning up amid the recyclables, and that’s a problem according to waste experts and police. But we’ve adapted to meet consumer demand, and we’re pleased to announce the CODE BLUE BAG plan, a new program specially designed to meet the needs of our environmentally conscious citizens.


1h SORT IT–Biodegradable disposables (i.e., “recyclable bodies”) shouldn’t be combined with either your regular garbage or your dry recyclables.

Set bodies aside and hose down. Remove dentures, jewelry, gold fillings, and prostheses, and, if you can, flatten to save space.

2h BAG IT–Place your recyclable body into a CODE BLUE BAG. Tie your bag tightly. Some manufacturers offer built-in Rat Resister TM drawstrings to make sealing even more secure.

3h TOSS IT–Place your sealed CODE BLUE BAG inside an authorized city Dumpster or garbage can as you normally would. It will be picked up within a month or so by Streets and Sanitation crews.