To the Editor,

Mike Muench’s letter about men and guns [July 11] would have been more interesting if he had noted that the recently elected head of the National Rifle Association happens to be a woman. Moreover, she claims that women are the fastest-growing segment of the gun-owning populace, as well as creating a groundswell in the NRA’s ranks. I fervently pray that this does not mean that women are about to become as idiotic as their pseudo-phallus-toting male counterparts.

The answer to the gun violence is actually simple, and could be done. Forbid all gun ownership except to those in the military and sworn peace officers such as the police. Carrying them should be restricted to those who are actually on duty. If there is some question about that, it may be recalled that a duly sworn Chicago police officer, Gregory Becker, murdered a homeless man who was armed with a loaded squeegee. Officer Becker was off duty, allowed to carry his weapon, and intoxicated. Although the Chicago police “suggests” officers leave their guns at home if they are going to drink, they have no rule enforcing this.

The last component is to make the first offense for using a gun, any gun, in the commission of a crime an offense which carries a mandatory life prison sentence without possibility of parole. If a person kills another during the commission of a crime, then they should get the death penalty. Yes, I know the argument about the death penalty not being a deterrent for crime, but I can absolutely guarantee that a dead killer cannot kill anymore.

Outlawing private gun-ownership is the first step towards returning us to a civilized society.

Donald M. Rubins

Park Forest