I went to Deadtech gallery’s opening/kickoff on a tip from the front-page article of Section Three [May 21]. Now don’t get me wrong, I love abrasive sound and vulgar machines, so when I arrived at Deadtech I was disappointed to find out that the cupboard was bare. Please screen the crap that you write about more thoroughly before you send people out to waste their time at some so-called cutting-edge art event. I cannot believe that the Survival Research Lab was mentioned when speaking of the flavor of this particular gallery. Typically when you go to an opening that may or may not have a performance, there are artists’ pieces that adorn the space. This “gallery” doesn’t have any art objects on display. This place actually opened without having anything to show except for a video projector that played someone’s bad family videos, and there was the band-room usual of a Marshall, small combo amp, and a Hartke bass rig. Oh, there were pedals strewn on the floor. That’s it. If that is someone’s idea of a gallery, then there are thousands of bedrooms in this area that could call themselves an electromechanical art gallery, open their door, and charge a cover of five bucks. This genre of “unwieldy machines-cum-art objects” that you speak of was not represented here, unless diddling knobs of a guitar pedal until your ears fatigue counts.

Jaime Welton

North Side